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Tara Caswell

Verte Skincare

“At the center of a facial massage is the “exquisite stillness” that each client moves into. That is the jewel in the crown to me. It’s a state of rest that comes from trust and deep relaxation that is an amazing offering in such a busy world…”



–Tara Caswell

Welcome to Verte Skincare!
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Les Services

Services at Verte Skincare are performed by Tara Caswell, a South Carolina licensed esthetician. Luxurious organic skincare evokes a sensory journey and is the main focus at Verte. In some services, professional actives and enzymes are added to achieve specific results. Each & every facial includes a skin analysis, products chosen for use in harmony with your skin’s needs, along with post-treatment instructions and product recommendations.

Verte Facials

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Luxurious Organic Skincare

Beyond the sensory journey the products move you through is the love that goes into making them. Rosemira Organics Skincare products are passionately made in California by the brilliant Mira Herman. They are heavenly scented, 98% organic, 90% vegan, scientifically sound and deeply rooted in the knowledge of herbs, nutrition and Chinese medicine. This product line contains no preservatives and no animal testing.

I hope you enjoy them as much as my clients and I do!

In addition to Rosemira Organics Skincare, Verte Skincare is proud to offer a variety of indie beauty brands, hand-crafted in small batches, along with professional skincare.

  La Baie de Fleur

90 mins. | $165

Refreshing, Balancing, Moisturizing

For all skin types except sensitive & those with rosacea.

Intoxicating scents subtly move between floral & the sweetness of berries. This facial brings the spirit into a delightful haze. Its textures & elements leave the skin well exfoliated, balanced & nourished to perfection.

A berry enzyme full of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and a pinch of acids works to brighten & dissolve build-up. Superb exfoliation for mature skin concerns, mild acne & large pores.

Aromatic floral infused oils are used during a stimulating facial & neck massage releasing tension within the muscles. Hands & arms are also included, as are extractions. A marble berry mask offers incredible moisturization while enhancing the skin’s natural barrier. Smooth stones soothe the skin concluding the treatment. Yes, please!


Our Brands

Services Pricing

  • Verte Facials —  From $45
  • Brow and Lash Tinting —  From $30
  • Waxing Services —  From $10
  • Special add-on treatments —  From $8




Glow from within




In the spirit of giving, a percentage of every sale goes to a local Charleston, South Carolina non-profit organization.

For more details, please see our Giving page.

What they say…

“I feel like a concoction of bliss…”

“Entering the treatment room with Tara is like wrapping in a warm blanket, but the feeling & effects last for weeks!”

“Just got the ultimate complement: “I’m lusting after your skin…”

“I’m so glad I didn’t go another day without enjoying this…”

“I close my eyes, listen to the music & drift off to another world…”

“After losing most of my eyebrows because of thyroid issues and medication, Tara tinted what eyebrows I do have and they are still full and beautiful after 5 weeks.”

“Thanks to Tara’s relaxing & calming treatments, along with the unique daily protocol she designed for my skin type, once again my skin is healthy, & I feel beautiful!”


“I just had the most amazing facial ever! Tara took her time, made suggestions for my skin needs, and made my skin feel better than it ever has. You will not be disappointed!”

How Would You Describe Verte Skincare?

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”



Come in…

Treat yourself to a sensory journey.