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Verte means “green” in French.  And as I’ve cleaned up my beauty act, the products that have found me have shifted to being “green”. Rose Mira Organics Skincare is prominent among the clean indie beauty brands I've found to be stellar (and smell amazing!) for use during  spa treatments.  They are also available for purchase at the atelier for your at home self-care regimen. 


Beyond the sensory journey the products move you through and the high quality, is the love that goes into making them.  Rose Mira Organics Skincare products are passionately made in California by the  brilliant Mira Herman. 


They are 98% Organic, 90% Vegan based, scientifically sound and deeply rooted in the knowledge of herbs, nutrition and Chinese Medicine.  This product line contains no additives, alcohol, any other preservatives animal testing! Bunny seal included.   I hope you enjoy these products as much as I and countless others do.  

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