Verte Skincare


Verte Skincare


The Facial Atelier

The dreamy space is French-inspired while situated within the gorgeous and historic Faber House mansion. Verte Skincare is meant to feel feminine and peaceful as you experience a concoction of bliss. It is an elegant Southern space infused with nature, art, a dash of Parisian style, and a lot of love! A place intended for time to stand still as I am of service to you.

The passion I hold for this craft is shared in the spirit of love, joy, and gratitude.

May we always part feeling more inspired than when we met…


Tara Caswell

Esthetician & Atelier Owner



Glow from within


Our Origin Story

Meeting my mission…

I thank my mother for introducing me to the world of beauty. As a little girl, I would sit intently anytime I had a chance to watch her care for her skin & apply her make-up. It was a dreamy way to start the day. That fascination with feminine rituals of beauty felt mysterious & yet natural. I was creatively inclined & drawn to the arts from an early age.

My first job within the industry was as a counter manager for Lancôme. It was the equivalent of Christmas every day to me! After a few years, I was recruited for a job doing makeup for a large spa chain in the northeast. Brides, news anchors, local socialites & all of the spa ladies.Tremendous fun & a gig I’m happy I said yes to.

My life took a u-turn as I grew restless with so much emphasis on goals & sales. I found myself drawn, if you can believe it-to the legal field. I worked & also studied full-time receiving a Bachelor’s degree. I worked as a litigation paralegal focusing primarily in medical malpractice insurance defense. I dabbled in make-up jobs here & there & art fell dormant during that time in my life.

When I moved to Charleston, I landed a paralegal job & was absolutely inspired to attend night classes full-time for an esthetics license. I can’t explain this other than to say my higher purpose was fulfilling what was to come. After passing the esthetics boards, I accepted a job at the private club spa on Kiawah Island in the early 2000’s yet I wasn’t ready to let go of my legal career.

Almost a decade later, things became really interesting. I went through a challenging time & every definition that I held of myself came into question, career included. Vipassana meditation beckoned me, which I was unfamiliar with, yet showed up in my life in about 5 ways over two weeks-catching my attention! I attended their 10 day silent meditation retreat. While meditating, esthetics, art & make-up flooded my mind for the first time in ages. My soul’s calling for sure but I had no idea how to do what I love and make it work financially.

When I returned to my job at the law firm, some of the top paralegals had been laid off. Instinct told me I was next & sure enough…including a generous severance. After 17 years, that chapter was complete.

The next day, a friend invited me to go with her to a spa for a massage. I went & wildly, sitting at the front desk was the former director of the Kiawah spa I worked at several years prior. A serendipitous reunion. Smiling, she said “ go enjoy your massage & when you come out I’ll share about the opening we have for an esthetician”. I was stunned. After a wonderful interview with the owner, I landed the job. That’s how I re-entered the field & for the first time, full-time.

I went from making a lot of money in the legal field with all of the benefits, a/k/a “golden handcuffs” to under $20,000 in my first year-and in my 40’s! I had to let go of some things, but-the independence & freedom! That made it feel “Right” even when sometimes things didn’t seem easy. I was riding on the wings of angels & it felt exhilarating. In my memory, it remains the most magical time in my life.

After 8 years in the corporate spa setting, with the encouragement of clients & friends, I took my other hand off of the proverbial monkey bar & began Verte Skincare. That was October 2018.

Gone are the days of seeing hundreds of clients each month. I am grateful I can take my time, thoughtfully care for clients & create dreamy treatments I would want to receive myself.

This lady is on a mission to offer nurturing to others in a gorgeous & serene setting away from a world wrought with the over-stimulation of technology & noise. And do so with meaningful purpose.

So often, I think of Joseph Campbell’s words: “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”. I’m still learning that and realizing many of my clients are too. I hold infinite thanks in my heart to the people who have played many roles in my life. All of whom in one way or another, have helped me find my wings…


With love,

A focus on mature skin…

A large part of my practice is dedicated to mature skin concerns. To see clients leave with lifted, firm and toned skin is thrilling. And there is nothing better than seeing a woman leave feeling beautiful and confident, no matter her age!

I work to help clients achieve this by using combinations of massage techniques, high frequency, LED light therapy and microdermabrasion. Along with organic skincare products, an infusion which I call “organic with a twist” of actives and enzymes is used to help restore, revitalize and enhance the skin’s glow long after leaving the treatment room.


A timeless practice.

Each day, I see only a few facial clients. That’s it. Rather than booking in rapid increments, I schedule in hours. Most often, appointments last upwards of 2+ hours per client depending on which services they choose.

Why? I take my time. Everything I do is done for each client thoroughly & highly customized, from products to techniques and even additional treatments that may be necessary to achieve gorgeous skin. I’m quality and results-driven, just like my clients.

 Timelessness is held at the heart of my practice. That quality alone makes the biggest difference to you as a client, and for me to be exemplary. It offers optimum results, including a sense of rest & peace within and calm, glowing skin on the outside.

My hands…

Second, only to the timelessness of my practice are my hands.  My heart comes through my hands.  

Although I enjoy each step during a facial, massage is my absolute favorite part. Not only does it feel amazing, but it also does so much to aid the skin. Facial massage can move out and help clear impurities, firm, lift, sculpt and of course, increase circulation upping the glow factor. Beyond that, there is something very special that happens in the quiet.

What they say…

“I feel like a concoction of bliss…”

“Entering the treatment room with Tara is like wrapping in a warm blanket, but the feeling & effects last for weeks!”

“Just got the ultimate complement: “I’m lusting after your skin…”

“I’m so glad I didn’t go another day without enjoying this…”

“I close my eyes, listen to the music & drift off to another world…”

“After losing most of my eyebrows because of thyroid issues and medication, Tara tinted what eyebrows I do have and they are still full and beautiful after 5 weeks.”

“Thanks to Tara’s relaxing & calming treatments, along with the unique daily protocol she designed for my skin type, once again my skin is healthy, & I feel beautiful!”


“I just had the most amazing facial ever! Tara took her time, made suggestions for my skin needs, and made my skin feel better than it ever has. You will not be disappointed!”