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Body Treatments

Verte Skincare Services

Body Treatments

The Body Treatments

Body treatments, like seasons, can be enjoyed in harmony with our skin + spirit. Inspired by nature, this collection of body treatments offers a wonderful, soothing experience. Each harmoniously works to balance the senses and leave the skin soft, smooth & radiant.

The Mermaid Seaweed Body Wrap (90 min) – $225

Purifying, Nourishing, Moisturizing & Firming

The body’s skin is dry brushed + polished with a creamy scrub. You’ll be painted with a Klamath blue-green algae & sea kelp gel mask then wrapped. As you relax, you’ll be treated to a lip & eye treatment leaving both moisturized.

Firming cream is applied concluding the service. Moisturizing cream may be substituted upon request.

As an added indulgence, consider adding on the Blue Green Seaweed Face Mask to soothe & boost the skin’s radiance & moisture.

The Chakra Goddess Gemstone Clay Body Mask (90 min) – $250

Detoxification, lymphatic drainage, smoothed & re-energized skin (+ spirit).

The skin is dry brushed then exfoliated with Himalayan salt glow. You’ll be painted with a warmed green gemstone clay – rich in minerals, rare earths + energetic gemstone material. Supplemented with the potent energetic qualities of tourmaline, this treatment helps re-energize the skin. Stones are placed along the chakra points and you are surrounded with lavender and rose petals . As you rest, a warm essential oil infusion is massaged into the scalp. A soothing cream oil finishes the skin leaving it deeply moisturized & hydrated.

In Keeping with Dreams (75 min) – $200

Relaxing, Nurturing & Skin Smoothing

A nature-inspired body treatment focusing on the skin & senses. A scent story evocative of our current season unfolds in a capsule of products infused with citrus, vanilla, florals or herbal essential oils. But always offering nurturing & relaxation for your skin + soul. As you relax enjoy exfoliation, a scalp rub, foot rub & a nurturing application of deeply moisturizing cream.

The Golden Hour (60 min) – $110

The body’s skin is dry brushed then exfoliated with a fine, dry Himalayan salt scrub. A rinse in the shower is the finishing step before a creamy bronze sunless tanner is applied. The face is exfoliated & bronzed with products specifically designed for the face. You’ll leave with a golden glow gradually deepening over the next 4 hours, lasting approximately 4 days.

What they say…

“I feel like a concoction of bliss…”

“Entering the treatment room with Tara is like wrapping in a warm blanket, but the feeling & effects last for weeks!”

“Just got the ultimate complement: “I’m lusting after your skin…”

“I’m so glad I didn’t go another day without enjoying this…”

“I close my eyes, listen to the music & drift off to another world…”

“After losing most of my eyebrows because of thyroid issues and medication, Tara tinted what eyebrows I do have and they are still full and beautiful after 5 weeks.”

“Thanks to Tara’s relaxing & calming treatments, along with the unique daily protocol she designed for my skin type, once again my skin is healthy, & I feel beautiful!”


“I just had the most amazing facial ever! Tara took her time, made suggestions for my skin needs, and made my skin feel better than it ever has. You will not be disappointed!”