Verte Skincare


Verte Skincare


Art has run through my life in different forms since I can remember. It was what I most enjoyed in school. Anything creative I can do with my hands I enjoy tremendously. 

Although I had nearly forgotten that part of myself, nearly 15 years ago, a dear friend asked “is there anything you used to do that you loved but haven’t in a while?” My one word reply: “art”. I hadn’t picked up so much as a pencil in decades! 

About a week later, that same friend surprised me with a trip to a local art supply shop and I was overwhelmed by the scents of paints & papers as I stood in the doorway. It remains one of the most surprising, serendipitous & wonderful presents I’ve ever received.

It took a long time for me to find the confidence to put my paintings out into the world. I took a chance by hanging an oil on canvas at the spa the first week I was open & it sold that day.  So I took that as a sign.

I am grateful to those who appreciate my paintings & am equally grateful to each person who takes one home.

Thank you for your interest. It touches my heart!

– Tara

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