Your Guide To Green Skincare


You’ve probably heard about the green skincare movement by now, but how did it get its start? Natural skincare wasn’t always the mainstream phenomenon it is today. In fact, it wasn’t until around 2013 that natural skincare and beauty products moved from the tiny sections at health-food stores to big box retailers.


And it’s all because skincare and beauty enthusiasts joined the green beauty movement to encourage brands to be more transparent about controversial ingredients in their products. This push for transparency ultimately evolved into a desire for more green and natural products that not only were better for the environment, but were also better for people’s skin.

What Is Green Skincare?

Green skincare, aka wild-crafted and organic skincare, is skincare made with natural ingredients, sometimes using sustainable or renewable resources. The products we use at Verte Skincare include ingredients that are sourced from Mother nature.


Our skin can absorb up to 70% of the skincare we apply to it, and many skincare products out there contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to not only our skin and health but also to the environment. This is why green skincare has become popular in recent years- it allows us to take care of ourselves and our planet. However, it’s good to keep in mind that green skincare products vary from the skincare products you might be used to.

Green Skincare Products Are More Concentrated

Green organic skincare products are super concentrated. If you grew up using skincare from the drugstore or department store, green products might take some getting used to. Since they don’t contain fillers or synthetic ingredients, a little goes a long way . . . and smells great.


When you smell rose, citrus, blue tansy, etc. in a product, you’re smelling a real distilled or pressed flower, fruit or herb essence. The heavenly-scented lines we use at Verte are calming and uplifting, making them a joy for both my clients and me to use.

Green Skincare Requires Special Care

Since organic skincare contains mostly natural ingredients, it may not last as long as you’re typically used to. Make sure you keep your products in a cool, dry place as heat can significantly shorten their shelf life. Also avoid leaving products in your car after purchasing if possible. Despite some extra care, once you go green skincare, you’ll never want to go back.

Green Skincare Brands To Look Out For

While there are lots of green skincare brands out there, you’ll want to purchase high quality, wild-crafted and organic skincare products—these will be more expensive, but they’ll also be the most effective and often the most potent.

Rosemira Organics

Rosemira Organics products are crafted using the principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Dr. Mira Herman founded Rosemira Organics after years of working with herbs, nutrition and herbal medicine. Her products reflect her love and experience in their quality and efficacy.

Maya Chia 

Maya Chia uses chia oil and raw ingredients to create rich, carefully crafted skincare products that are gentle yet effective. Their passion for innovative skincare is apparent in each lovely product.

Verte’s Commitment To Green Skincare

The green skincare lines I use at home and in my practice are all either organic or wild-crafted. They are thoughtfully made by small, yet mighty companies, in small batches for optimal and effective use.


We all have our favorite products, and some products will work better for some people than others. The best part about skincare is that you can have fun trying new products until you find the ones that work best for you. Enjoy the sensory journey quality products offer you.