There is a moment so many of us have had when we glimpse a reflection of ourselves in the mirror and wonder, “where has my color gone?” Often, this includes ladies—hmm-hmm—of a certain age. Inevitably, one by one, clients mention that their eyes have “disappeared” and those sacred little eyelash and eyebrow hairs they had taken for granted fade over time or have gone “clear” as I prefer to say.

A cult fave for a reason, brow and lash tinting are fabulous ways to wake up color and one of my favorite ways to tinker, adding va-va-voom to the eye area. I’d choose eyelash and eyebrow tinting as a desert island pick.

FUN FACT: Egyptians set the precedence for this service with the use of eye kohl & dyes. It is said that men and women in Roman times also used dyes around the eye area.

Lash Tinting

Tinting eyelashes is a cross between adding lash extensions and applying mascara. It’s a pretty fantastic way to immediately bring out the eyes in a semi-permanent way. 

The process:

Once the color is selected, it is meticulously applied to the length of the upper & lower lashes. It processes within several minutes and the excess dye is carefully removed. Soothing eye products are also applied.

What to know:

  • Lash tinting at Verte Skincare uses professional dye and developer specifically made to be gentle around the eye area. 
  • Professional grade pigments are intense and last longer than products sold in stores that do not require a license.
  • Although not always the case, it may take 2+ lash tinting services before the color lingers long term.
  • The service itself lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • Over the years, my client feedback has reflected that eyelash tints last approximately 4-6 weeks. 
  • It is noticeable on any eyelash color from blonde to brunette. 
  • For clients who are pale blonde with very fair complexions or with auburn hair, deep chocolatey brown looks subtly beautiful & yet offer impact!
  • Brunettes & blondes with pale/fair, cool skin tones look gorgeous with an inky blue or blue-black tint.
  • Tinting lashes coats each hair in the same way as hair dye so they stand out but aren’t necessarily thicker in hair texture.
  • Tinting does not curl the lashes.
  • Mascara can be worn over it without affecting the tint’s longevity.
  • Once lashes are tinted the pigment will not rub off or transfer. It subtly fades away.
  • Swimming does not impact tinting. 
  • I recommend that clients refrain from using oil cleansers and eye makeup remover while lashes are tinted.
  • It’s a time saver for clients who are super busy or unfussy and prefer to go without makeup. It’s instant color and instant impact.
  • It’s a fast service.
  • Lash tinting is relatively inexpensive. 

Brow Tinting

When done right, nothing brings out the eyebrows or eyes like tinting. Whether your brows are thick and unruly or fine and thin, brow tinting can enhance what Mother Nature gave you.

The process:

It’s faster than buying lunch.

The most important part of this service is the consultation. As I always say, “you never want your eyebrows to enter a room before you do…”

Once the color is decided, dye is applied in strokes to the eyebrows. Typically it is left on for a few brief minutes. After development, excess color is removed from the skin.

What to know:

  • This is a service you’ll want to be clear about how light or deep you want your color to be. 
  • It has been my experience that the longer the brows are tinted, the longer they last. 
  • The dye typically will cover “clear” or gray hairs. Once in a while I do come across a stubborn one that will not accept color. Any guesses as to what happens to that hair?
  • As brow hairs grow out & color fades, it’s time for your next tinting.
  • Brows can be tinted simultaneously with a brow wax.
  • Tinting brows helps to show-off beautifully shaped eyebrows.
  • Tinting brows can enhance eyebrows that have all but disappeared due to over tweezing.
  • Brow tinting will not affect the hair’s growth rate.
  • You can still use eyebrow products over your brows such as brow-taming gels.
  • Brow tinting is easy to maintain.
  • It is a fast service with semi-permanent results.
  • This is highly customizable with a bevy of brow colors used at the atelier.
  • Depending on the selected shade and desired depth, color can last 3-4 weeks.
  • Darker shades tend to last longer than lighter pale shades.
  • Brow tinting is relatively inexpensive.